What We Do?

Financial Wellness in the workplace is integral to the health of employees, both physical and mental.

Afrisure has for the past 30 years developed into a market leader of unique financial products in South Africa. There are 26 million credit active consumers, and in the fourth quarter of last year, 38% of those consumers were either in arrears or in an adverse status on their accounts. According to the Shield Life, an annual retirement funding study, almost 73% of professional, middle class South Africans experience financial stress. The Income-to-Debt Ratio is currently at 74% which means that for every R 100 earned, on average R 74 is spent on debt repayments which equates to 3 weeks income in every working month goes to servicing debt, leaving a mere R 26 for living expenses. All employees and managers alike work to earn a living, in a real-world scenario this means an earner of R10000 pays R7400 to debt and is left with R2600 for living expenses, this creates the debt trap for most south Africans, they look to more debt instead of other options available to them. This is where Afrisure and its partners come in.


The aim of Financial Wellness is to have a happy, healthy, and relatively stress-free relationship with your finances. Typical wellness would mean that the following elements are in place:

Your income covers your expenses.
Have savings for emergencies; Critical home repairs, unexpected medical bills, or job loss.
Savings for long term goals such as holidays, buying a new home, etc.
Having the freedom to make choices that allows you to enjoy your life.

Why Financial Wellness?

Depending on your current financial wellbeing the aim is to reduce your Current Debt by UP TO 50 %

This means more CASH in your pocket every month

Less stress , Less worries

Be more informed